Choose Our Tile Installation Service

Choose Our Tile Installation Service

Homestead Flooring installs beautiful tile flooring in Boulder, CO

Are you searching for new flooring for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room? Select tile flooring. It's an elegant, stylish and durable addition to each of these rooms.

In Boulder, CO, you can count on Homestead Flooring to install your new tile flooring. Call 303-990-0383 today to arrange for tile flooring installation. You'll be pleased with our diverse tile selections.

5 surprising tile flooring uses

You might think that tile is a simple flooring material, but it's more versatile than it seems.

Here are five unexpected ways to use tile:

  1. Create a subtle mosaic with neutral tiles in herringbone or chevron
  2. If you prefer a bold look, create a pattern with large tiles in vibrant colors
  3. Use tiles that replicate the appearance of stone or wood in a room that features natural elements.
  4. Install tiles in a soothing color like blonde, sage green or blue for a relaxing atmosphere.
  5. Select tiles with a striking texture or finish, like glass tiles, to add interest to your tile flooring.

Have these ideas sparked your imagination? If so, call us today and begin planning your tile flooring installation.